Hike with a team of enthusiasts!

Travelling with us: our values, our commitments

A belief: we love the Pyrenean mountains and its inhabitants.

A will, which drives us and leads us to believe that together we can go beyond the simple commercial relationship, to allow you to share our passion.

Our wish is that amazement, sharing and sincerity accompany your Pyrenean adventure, so that it remains a wonderful experience for you.


Because we are Pyreneans and because we see every day that the climate is changing, that we are consuming the resources of our planet without thinking about the future, ecology and sustainable development are particularly important to us. No one can give out lessons, and certainly not us, but everyone knows the simple things we can do on a daily basis to preserve our natural resources and limit the impact of our presence in a nature sanctuary such as the mountain ranges. We please ask you to: limit your consumption of water, take your rubbish with you and limit it, prefer public transport to reach the Pyrenees or carpool... only print the travel documents you need. Why not printing them on the back of used sheets? Every small gesture is very welcome.

A local presence - a personalized contact

Originally from the Pyrenees, our knowledge of the terrain is one of the added values that will ensure that your stay takes place in the best possible conditions. Our human-sized structure enables us to be very reactive, to ensure a privileged contact and to be attentive to everyone.

A solid experience

For more than 15 years, we have been organising guided and self-guided hikes in the Pyrenees. Our agency RESPYRENEES is composed exclusively of Pyrenean mountain guides.

Renowned skills

Designing, carrying out, booking, but also logistics in the field with supplies and transport of luggage in the mountains... our presence on the spot, our knowledge of the terrain and of affinity with all the service providers, enable us to respond to all kinds of requests. As such, the main French and foreign trekking agencies use our skills to organise their treks on the GR10 and in the Pyrenees.

Selected and quality service providers

We are very vigilant in choosing our service providers, especially in the field of accommodation. Whether it is with local taxis, gîtes or hotels, our partnerships are established with the constant desire to provide quality services and to maintain a lasting collaboration.

Adapted stages and logistics

In order to avoid long hours of walking on uninteresting stretches of road, we have planned small morning taxi transfers for some stages. Our logistics also allow you to have access to your main luggage each evening.

Your safety first

Our topo-guides are home-made, we also provide you with IGN maps with the precise route. During your stay we are available 24 hours a day through our emergency number to assist or advise you if needed.

A fair pricing policy - unbeatable prices

We organise all our services ourselves, which enables us to offer you very good value for money. We are the only travel agency offering you treks in the Pyrenees with such a high level of logistics at this price!

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