The Basque cross

Description of the basque cross (Lauburu)

One of the essential symbols of the Basque Country (French and Basque): the Basque cross is the object of belonging that reflects Basque culture.

A pre-Indo-European mythological representation of the struggle between light and darkness, it also represents the energies that make up the universe:
  •     fire,
  •     water
  •     wind and
  •     air
The solar system is represented by the cross itself in the form of a swastika (bringing good fortune).

The Basque cross is shaped like a helix of 4 branches (which gives it its name "four heads" lauburu in Basque). Their shape could be described as a comma, with each branch consisting of 3 semicircles.

In civilization, this dynamic appearance caused the cross to turn on itself, often clockwise, representing the movement of time and life. 

Both a good-luck charm and representative of our environmental system, the Basque cross could be borrowed by Respyrénées to express the values we hold so dear...
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